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Your Answer to Solving Tooth Decay Issues

Even though you have the best of intentions when it comes to looking after your teeth, sometimes you must cope with problems that can arise. Having regular dental visits and maintaining good brushing and flossing habits are your best protection against cavities and tooth decay. However, even with great attention to oral care, you can still develop a cavity and you will need a filling to prevent further decay. We know that you may have had dental work done some years ago and want to take advantage of all the benefits comprehensive modern dentistry has to offer. Whether you need a new filling or want to replace an old one, achieve a more natural look that gives you the ultimate protection you need.

Offering Affordable, High Quality Fillings in Weehawken

At Skyline Dental Designs, we are proud to offer the best affordable and high-quality fillings available in Weehawken that will help you address some common dental problems.

Gone are the days of unnatural-looking and unsightly amalgam fillings. At Skyline Dental Designs in Weehawken, we can repair your cavity with a biocompatible tooth-colored filling that blends seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

Our composite fillings can restore the integrity of your teeth. You will receive a filling that looks great and is durable enough to withstand the pressure of biting and chewing for years to come.

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Why Do You Need Fillings?

Cavities and tooth decay are among the world's most common health problems. Some people are more prone to cavities than others; however, nearly 90% of adults will have a cavity at one point or another. If cavities aren't treated, they get larger and affect deeper layers of your teeth. They can lead to a severe toothache, infection and tooth loss.

Common signals you may need a filling for a cavity include:

  • Pain when chewing

  • Tooth sensitivity

  • Toothache, spontaneous pain or pain that occurs without any apparent cause

  • Experiencing mild to sharp pain when eating or drinking something hot or cold

  • Visible holes or pits in your teeth

  • Pain when you bite down

  • Brown, black or white staining on any surface of a tooth

However, many cavities show no symptoms at all and your dental checkup and examination is the only way for your dentist to detect tooth decay.

When tooth decay is caught in its early stages, having a minimally invasive dental filling is all that is needed to restore your tooth and your smile. As a premier provider of fillings we are proud to offer modern, health-focused cavity repairs to our patients.

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What Are Tooth-Colored
Composite Fillings?

At Skyline Dental Designs our composite tooth-colored fillings can repair teeth with decay, chips, cracks, cavities, and gaps. They have been in use since the 1960s and are now more popular than amalgam fillings as they are viewed as a faster, easier and safer alternative.

Amalgam fillings can contain mercury, which may be harmful to certain groups of people. The use of composite fillings eliminates mercury-related health concerns. Amalgam fillings may also expand and contract with temperature exposure, resulting in tooth fractures. Composite fillings require less of the tooth structure to be removed and are also less noticeable than amalgam fillings.

Composite tooth-colored fillings are fabricated from a mixture of resin and powdered glass and are frequently used for cosmetic enhancements due to the fact they can blend in well with neighboring teeth and give a natural appearance. Composite fillings can also directly bond to your tooth structure and strengthen your teeth when they are fitted. They do not cause irritability or sensitivity to the surrounding gums, require less drilling, are easily placed, and take only a few seconds to harden. Your visit to the dentist for a composite filling will be easy and convenient.

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Composite fillings may be the best choice if you want the most natural finish possible and for your fillings to be unnoticeable. They are customized to match your enamel to blend in when you smile and generally last 10 to 12 years before needing to be replaced.

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