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When you have a severely decayed, infected, or damaged tooth it is important to ascertain if you require a root canal procedure, extraction or endodontic treatment to remedy the issue.

With the innovative technology and skilled professionals at Skyline Dental Designs, we can perform these necessary procedures to give you long-term treatment and solutions that are fast, gentle and affordable.

What Is a Root Canal?

At the core of our teeth are root canals and dental pulp. When bacteria seeps into this core, it can infect the nerves and tissues leading to abscesses. Left untreated, the infection may result in loss of the tooth. Dental injuries like chips, cracks, decays and fractures may also provide a pathway for bacteria to reach the inside of a tooth.

When the material inside a tooth becomes infected and inflamed, a root canal can preserve the natural tooth, strengthen its structure and bring relief from discomfort.

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High Quality Root Canal Treatments Providing Relief

Our highly trained expert team can determine whether you need an endodontic procedure. However, there are some signs to look out for which can indicate you require a root canal treatment. The symptoms include abscessed teeth and gums accompanied by drainage, persistent pain or throbbing while chewing, sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages, tenderness in the gums and lymph nodes, swollen gums, or discoloration of a tooth.

Root canal treatment is a routine process requiring one or two dental visits. Digital X-rays help assess the degree of tooth decay and bacterial infection. To begin treatment, local anesthesia is used to numb the tooth and the surrounding area so you have no discomfort.

Using a rubber dam, we will isolate your tooth, keeping it clean. A hole is created in the tooth, allowing access to the infected material. Any damaged tissue is removed, then the canal is cleaned and disinfected. We will then remove bacteria, debris, and infected pulp from within the tooth.

When the pulp has been fully removed and the canal housing the nerve has been sealed, we will put a temporary filling in place until you are ready for the permanent filling and crown. A custom-made crown or bridge is then used to cap the tooth.

Many people experience immediate pain relief after the root canal procedure, as the source of the infection has been removed.

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Tooth extraction is sometimes the only option when you have broken or decaying teeth. We know the thought of having a tooth removed can be nerve-wracking, so we have streamlined the process to be straightforward, painless, and fast.

Extractions are also typically recommended for wisdom teeth. When a person reaches adulthood, it is very common for the wisdom teeth to cause overcrowding as they emerge, and for the oral cavity to be too small for the full set of adult teeth. Wisdom teeth usually emerge when a person reaches their early 20s.

When extracting a tooth, it is often important to preserve the bone in the region. One of our expert team may speak to you about bone grafting or preservation procedures to help the region heal.

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