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Implants That Restore Your Smile Confidence

Whatever your age, your smile should be something you can be proud of. However, even if you are a very conscientious person when it comes to flossing and making regular trips to the dentist, it is still possible to lose teeth because of disease, wear, trauma, or decay.

Top-Rated Implants in Weehawken

At Skyline Dental Designs we provide top-rated dental implants in the Weehawken area that are designed to give you a smile that radiates health and gives you confidence.

To ensure you have the highest quality of service when you visit our practice to have a dental implant, we use the most sophisticated and accurate technology available, so you receive the best possible implant solutions and treatments available in modern dentistry.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is an extremely effective, successful, and with today’s advanced technology, minimally invasive dental restoration treatment to replace missing or failing teeth. We offer titanium dental implant posts which are specifically designed to provide a permanent base for the new implant crown. You can receive a permanent replacement of your missing tooth with a prosthetic tooth that feels and looks completely natural.

Dental implants are more reliable and durable than any other dental restoration or tooth replacement. They are easy to care for and can last a lifetime.

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How Dental Implants Can Restore
Confidence in Your Smile

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Lost teeth can decrease a person’s confidence and lead to an array of oral health issues. Our process involves placing the titanium dental implant in an optimal position in a patient’s jaw and restoring your missing tooth. The post, or implant, integrates with a patient’s natural bone and provides a strong anchor for crowns or bridges, which restore the upper structure of teeth.

We use 3D cone beam and CT scan technology to carefully plan the implant placement. By using this system, our team can see an incredibly complex picture of your teeth, including soft and hard tissue. Using a 3D cone beam also enables us to provide a precise, affordable service with minimal to no discomfort.

After we have completed a scan of your mouth and determined the optimal placement of your dental implant, we present you with a 3D simulation of how your treatment works and where your new implant will be placed.

We endeavor to complete the implant process in one visit; however, it may take two appointments to complete your procedure. Once we have completed your scan and confirmed that your gums, bone structure, and general oral health are strong enough for an implant, a small incision is made in your gum, the titanium post is implanted, and we attach an abutment

The new implant is given three to six months to integrate with the natural bone structure. Once you have healed, a custom-created crown or bridge is bonded to the abutment to restore full functionality of the tooth. Your dental implant can then be used in the same fashion that a natural tooth can be used.

At Skyline Dental Designs, there are so many reasons why our patients love their dental implants. Should you receive this treatment, you can expect to enjoy the following functional, restorative and aesthetic improvements to your smile:

Restored Functionality

Decayed, damaged or missing teeth can have a profound effect on your oral and systemic health. By replacing these teeth with dental implants and restoring the structure of your teeth, you will be restoring the proper function to your oral cavity.

Improved Appearance

By replacing a damaged or missing tooth with a dental implant, you can completely renew your smile. A customized implant crown will blend in flawlessly with the rest of your smile. It will look and feel completely natural!

Long-Lasting Results

Dental implants boast over a 94% success rate — among the highest success rates of any dental procedure!

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